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Here is a comment from John 9V1VV in Singapore, which might be regarding the sentence re
world financial crisis. He could not submit it due to the permission by japanese character. Sorry for that. In stead, I put it here.

I totally agree with you, John. The trend toward too much freedom in the economy, hopefully,
should be swung back to the other side very soon. I suspect the present people ruling the
politics and economy could hardly do that. The fundamental system of economy should be

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Hi Shin,

I tried to post this on your blog but I can't understand the permissions process:

The world financial crisis has its roots in the Thatcher/Reagan doctrine of the 1980s,
which declared that the markets should be left alone unhindered.

Free capitalism was supposed to be the saviour to replace state control.

But what we are now witnessing is the result of unparalleled greed, an unfortunate
constituent of the human psyche.

The world's leaders must find a middle way between total State control and rampant free
enterprise. But this assumes that we have intelligent leaders. I am not so convinced that
we have. Stupidity has been the keyword in politics over the last decades.

John / V V