A decent QSO 

I am always on 40m before going to bed. Some friends call me as a beacon from that operation habit. I am asking myself if it is a kind of addiction or not. Spending too much time calling CQ or working so called rubber stamped QSOs might be a loss for my life, I am afraid. Actually, it is almost the only chance for me to do with vivid English. That was a reason why I have been sticking myself to that band at the time. This could be the only excuse I remain being a beacon so far.

Last night, I have found Drew VK3XU, an old friend of mine, on 7012KHz around 13Z. I hurried to call him after his having finished a contact with a JA. I wanted to ask him about Tim VK3IM. In the recent entry, I have written about him in a health trouble. Tim has never replied to my e mail asking about it. I was a kind of irritated worrying about Tim.

Drew answered to my rushing question in the same style as usual, with an elegant and modest way of keying. It could be comparable to speech in quiet and manly voice. Yes, it sounded in composure. He told me he had talked to Tim on land line the day before. He still had the pain all the time but was still managing it somehow. I was so happy to hear that from Drew. I thought his health problem had been something malignant. Drew told me the doctors could not fine the cause so far. It might mean the cause could not be popular malignancy. I was a little bit relieved to hear that even though he had been, I know, struggling against it. Drew would see Tim in person next week and promised me to let me know what had been going on with him. He kindly added that Tim was often slow answering e mails to anybody so just wait for his reply patiently.

This was what I believed to be a decent QSO, which relaxes me a lot and makes me feel so pleasant. I have been looking for such a QSO as this one with Drew. It could be a real excuse for me to stay being a beacon. I won't spend too much meaningless time with radio but would like to find such as this one. It will fill my mind with a great joy.






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ご指摘をありがとうございました、Leo OM。