Again, Tim VK3IM 

I have run across with Tim VK3IM late at night yesterday.
I have written about him for a couple of times here. The
latest concerned about his health problem, which had
looked quite serious. I have sent an e mail to him without
getting any reply.

He told me he had had an operation for a malignancy several
months ago. The operation, itself, has resulted in success.
No signs of recurrence or remote metastasis so far. But,
soon after the procedure, he has been suffering from
severe pain at the surgical site. Noone could solve the
problem. He has only limited relief from morphine medication
or transient diminution of the pain with some nerve block.
I had least idea on what had happened to him in this situation.

He feels he is on the bottom. In half a year, as he told me,
he might be able to walk outside. He seemed even deseparate
about the prospect a couple of months ago. But he is getting
more positive for the future at present. I guess that makes
him more active on the air now.

I still remember we used to talk a lot when we were much
younger. As I wrote in the posts in the past, he commuted
a long way from his home in Mt. Eliza, a suberb of Melbourne
to Melbourne on an old Mazada. He was a great ragchewer
with his old FT101E and a top hat loading whip. He used to
let me know on a paper on the efficiency of radials for a
vertical. He advised me to use the metal sheethed roof
of the med school hospital dormitory for a radial. I wa also
inspired to put a short ground earth peg to compensate
the shortness of radials when I was using a ground
mounted vertical at my new home some 25 years ago.
I have been given many things, not material but spiritual
as well as intelectual, by him.

We have talked on our family members as well. When I mentioned
on our old mother, he told me his experienece having cared for
his father in dementia with his mother. He has remembered on
my family issues as well.

We have lived the same age, even geographically far away each
other, Tim. I wish you to be free from the present agony and
to enjoy the rest of our lives together for a long time.