Ayako and Nathan expecting a baby soon! 

A few minutes ago, I finished a contact with Vic WA6MCL
on 40m. He was really loud tonight. I have enjoyed his
fluent fist.

He told me Ayako and Nathan KO6U were expecting a baby
very soon. Now I know how much they have yearned for a
baby. This news made me so happy. Nathan had his dipole
blown down in the end of last year, as Vic told. I know
why I have not heard Nathan for months. He must be busy
preparing for the baby right now. Ham radio will wait
for you, Nathan, no matter how long it is. I wish both
of them uneventful birth of the baby very soon.

Since Vic told me he had read my blog with the PC
translator, I tried to post this in English. I hope this
post could be in the right place in this blog. The
alignment of the lines is quite tricky. This blog
template may not be suitable for posting in foreign

Again, congratulation to you, Nathan and Ayako, if you are
reading this. Vic, thanks for the nice news.

Happy Easter to you all.


Finally! Good news!