Since our home is located in a real countryside,
we have fairly big property here. This is a lawn
garden beside the entrance way. It has been my
duty co care for the lawn and the trees every
summer. I always spend even an hour or so in
the morning before going to work.

I found it a refreshing work. Sitting in the lawn,
I pull the weeds among it without thinking of any
matter or issues in life. Just concentration on
it. Breathing the fresh air and the lively odor
of plants, I feel being renewed. I had not enjoyed
gardening until I reached the age of mid forties.
Gardening seems to comprehend something essential
for our lives.

I hated using chemicals against weeds etc. In this
summer, however, the weeds were growing too fast.
I had to be helped by a chemical one time. This
photo shows the garden after being given it. If
I had much more free time, I could have spared
using it. Maybe, next summer, I will go on
without chemicals at all.

The naked tree on the left is a plum. Some worms
have naked it in a few days. In this case, I should
have gone on using an insect killer even against my
own rule not using any chemicals.