1月27日 アウシュビッツ解放記念日  




Today, January 27, marks the 74th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by Soviet forces. As the Soviet army approached in the days leading up to this, Nazis marched the vast majority of the prisoners west into Germany. The few thousand remaining were thought to be too ill to travel, and were left behind to be shot by the SS. In the confusion that followed the abandonment of the camp, the SS left them alive, and these were the prisoners found by Soviet forces. Eva Mozes Kor, age 10, was one of several hundred children, many of them twins, who were left behind. She and her twin sister Miriam had been subjects in Dr. Josef Mengele’s medical experiments. She describes what it was like to see the liberating Russians. “We ran up to them and they gave us hugs, cookies, and chocolate. Being so alone a hug meant more than anybody could imagine because that replaced the human worth that we were starving for. We were not only starved for food but we were starved for human kindness. And the Soviet Army did provide some of that.” Three months later, Hitler was dead.