My first experience..... 

I have been to Tokyo today, where I joined an off line meeting of ensemble as I wrote before. It was a hectic drive. In Tokyo, a littlebit away from the downtown, it was quite difficult to find a parking lot. I had to walk even one km or two, from a parking lot to the ensemble place, bringing my cello in a heavy hard case. In a couple of hours after starting ensemble, I felt a little bit dizzy. Oh, where have my good old dayes gone, when I could play cello all day long?

Anyway, it was a nice meeting, seeing new and old friends and playing the famous Brandenburg concerto Nr3 by J.S.Bach. It is full of joy and energy of music. Divided parts of strings sound like a melting pot. Jumping rhthm and various colors of tonalities. The structure sounds like a gothic architecture. The base part cello and contrabass take is quite meaningful in it. It is a music worth of challenging for an amature cellist.

The other day, I ran across with Tom, K7GMF, an old friend of mine, on 40m. He told me he had visited his old folks and friends in the east coast recently. He has enjoyed surfing the net at one of his fried's home, which he does't do at his home at all. He continued to mention he had found my writing in some BBS. Of course, it was in japanese. He tried to translate it to English witha translating software However, it was of no use. He was sorry he could not read it, as he said.

It has driven me to write the entry in English, even if it is full of mistakes in spells or in grammer etc. Who cares! The idea or the thought I would like to express is much more important. I hope to write about the crisis of medical service in Japan, which occupies most of my mind at present very soon.

But, when reading this later, I could feel so ashamed at it that I would not be able to resist deleting this entry. Who knows?