The Season's Greetings 

I have been sending the greeting mail with a card to each of my old friends, mostly ham friends, in foreign countries in this season of a year. I would llike to let you reading this web log share it this year. Best season's greetings to you all.

******* ******* ******* *******

Dear friend,

2007 is going over very soon. The cold wind is coming down here over the harvested rice paddies from the northern mountain area. It might bring some snowfall later in the winter. I hope this letter will find all of you in good health and in the pleasant holiday season with your family and folks there.

I have still been pretty active on the radio. The bottom of the condition has not been so helpful to me, especially when trying to work Eu. The radio has, however, given me much pleasure as it used to be. I have been sticking to 40m late at night before going to bed. Sometimes, it disappoints me but, on the other occasions, it enables me chat with my old friends. I am still keeping my ears wide open to all of you there.

My primary concern has still been of the medical service crisis in Japan this year. It makes me feel pessimistic for the future in the medical system as well as on my career as a pediatrician. The government and the society, including the mass media, the lawyer and the people themselves are indifferent or, in some cases, are even aggressive to the medical people, especially to us medical doctors. There have been a number of events or lawsuits against the medical system or particular medical doctors. It is difficult, from the standards of clinical medicine, to understand why they were brought into the mass media or the courts. They often seem irrational to me. I still believe in the basic idea that medical services are based on the spirit of a good Samaritans. They seem not to share that belief with us. A lot of arguments and blames against the medical system and workers are full in the society. I wonder if this trend will cause a collapse of the medical system in the near future, which we have been proud of for years. What will resolve this question? What should I do to reach the solution? I would like to go on my work thinking on this issue in the coming year.

The above mentioned problem makes me consider of my earlier retirement than thought before. Maybe, when I will be free from duties for children in a couple of years, I would slow down my pace at work. Another subject next year is to prepare for that.

My family, that is, my wife, three children and old mother plus a dog and three! cats, all are doing well. I am happy to let you know this. Our children seem to be finally on their own ways. My wife is still so busy at work. But she is often trying to get back to her old home where her old parents are waiting for her and our visit. With the help of my brother and sister as well as their families, we can care for our mother, who will turn to 94 years in a couple of days. She has been spending peaceful days.

So take care, old pal. I hope to talk to you on the radio again soon. I wish you all the best for the holiday season as well as the coming new year.

Your friend,